Employee Business Expenses

Office in the home can be also deducted for an employee whose employer requires you to work out of your home rather than coming into the office some of the days during the week.  Along with this you can also claim union dues, safety equipment, safety shoes, reference books, membership dues, client gifts, overnight lodging and meals not reimbursed by the employer, laundry and many other items.  People who leave their tax home to work away and then come back to the tax home also can claim mileage while travelling away from home.  The mileage to and from home to the worksite is considered commuting mileage, but once to the worksite, all mileage is counted.  That means that from home in Las Vegas to California does not count but staying at the Holiday Inn in California and going to work for 3 weeks daily and back to the Holiday Inn counts all mileage.  From California back to Las Vegas home does not.  Give us a call for any questions you may have!!

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