If you understand the rules, you can make a better decision in general.  We recognize this need for getting more involved and as a result we make ourselves available to provide seminars for groups of various self-employed, businesses or individuals on various subjects. Contact us for more information … we’ll keep a seat open for you.


Some of these seminars would include the following:

Year-end Tax Deductions
This seminar goes into things you can do to make your itemized deductions more advantageous.  Things like buying that car to take the sales tax deduction, paying your medical bill with a credit card before the end of the end, having a garage sale and donating the leftover to charity before the end of the year and the list goes on!

Foreclosure or Short Sale?
This seminar informs people who maybe close to a foreclosure about the options to stay in their home or how a short sale might be the better choice.  It explains the different processes of how and what happens next.  It defines what the Real Estate agent can do to remove the outstanding debt of a short sale.  The ways in which the foreclosure or short sale affect your credit report would be included in this seminar.  What is the income tax effect of foreclosure or short sale on a primary home or rental home?  Does a loan modification stop a foreclosure?  What happens in mediation?  Why did I receive a 1099C?  These and many more questions will be answered!

What Happens After I Retire?
This seminar goes into your tax return as you have always filed it and what it will be now.  With people retiring younger and living longer, retirement is very different that 30 years ago.  Retirement seems to be the time to turn a hobby into a small business.  Retirees seem to want to remain active and this side line of wood-working or auto mechanic that has been always in their life as a hobby now can make extra cash for that vacation!  They have “time” on their hands as they are not going to “work” anymore!  We provide ideas as to how to do record keeping, advertising, required licenses needed and various other details for them.  We also provide copies of the tax return with those changes on them for them to understand how the retirement return will differ from the “working” return in the past!

What Type of Entity Should I Be?
This seminar defines the differences between the entities that are available to the person who wants to start a business.  This seminar goes into detail as to why a certain business may be a sole-proprietor rather than a Corporation.  What is the difference between an S-Corporation and a C-Corporation?  What is an LLC?  What are fringe benefits?  Can I pay my mortgage through my corporation?  How do I establish business credit ratings?  What is the tax advantage of having a corporation?  What is the difference between bookkeeping and record keeping?  These questions and many more will be answered!

My Spouse Is Gone, What Do I Do?
This seminar goes into the facts about death of a partner in life.  In many relationships only of the partners “takes care” of everything!  When that partner passes on the other is left with a giant hole in their life.  They are so used to someone else doing the taxes, reading the investment statements, balancing the checkbook, dealing with the utilities and everyday life things that they are lost.  We take the time to explain about these events and many more.  We make our office available to answer their questions throughout the years to come.  We try to make them feel more self-confident about doing these things and much more.  Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold and we try to provide that for these individuals.

If you do not see a seminar that covers your issue, call us and we can discuss your needs.  If you have a group that has specific tax issues such as real estate agents, outside salesman or such, call us at (702) 642-1040.